The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership

Innovative Leadership Strategies for 21st Century Law enforcement

The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership strives to help law enforcement professionals meet the challenges of 21st century policing through research and development of innovative leadership programs.  Our approach goes beyond the bounds of theoretical leadership and provides actual methods of application to not only improve the leadership culture of law enforcement agencies, but also assist those professionals who seek to serve their organizations with honor, and their communities with respect, caring and compassion. 

The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership is an initiative of Cardinal Stritch University and The Stritch Hub for Innovation and Community Engaged Learning. 


Our Mission

\Through research and innovation in the field of leadership science, the Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership will provide assistance and professional development opportunities to public safety professionals so that they may better serve their organizations and their communities.


About Us


What we do


Our primary goal is to research, evaluate, and help form best practices and innovative leadership strategies for public safety organizations and law enforcement professionals. We constantly analyze current issues, trends, and opportunities to develop strategies that are not only relevant today, but will also set the standard for future professional practices


Using the academic resources of Cardinal Stritch University and the Criminal Justice Program, we serve as a point of resource for scholars, students, public safety professionals, and government policymakers.

The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership pursues  academic research and the development of leadership training programs for the law enforcement profession based on the following academic principles:

•    All of our program initiatives are grounded on proven scientific theories of leadership and behavioral science.   

•    Our research is evidence-based with a primary focus on leadership influence resulting in positive organizational outcomes.

•    Our highest emphasis is on creating innovation in public safety leadership to help develop excellent leaders and excellently led organizations.



We develop and deliver comprehensive leadership training programs designed to address the contemporary leadership needs of public safety organizations. We provide leadership training opportunities and professional development programs in the form of seminars, conferences, and certificate programs. 



We assist leaders with moving beyond the academic study of leadership theories to the practical application of organizational leadership concepts, giving them the tools they need to create strong leadership cultures and resilient organizations. 


October 2017

“I believe that the work you are undertaking could have a significant impact on the development of the next generation of public safety leadership…. Your leadership programs will not just develop top level leaders, but the end result will be that careers will be saved down the road.”


Our Vision:
Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence in the field of law enforcement requires that all who wear the badge pursue the highest ideals of  ethical professionalism, and that we seek every opportunity to instill this professional vision in the hearts and minds of those that we serve.  To achieve this, we first must engage and reinforce that vision through excellence in organizational leadership. We exist to help the law enforcement profession achieve leadership excellence through research and innovation in the field of leadership science. 


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